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We design and build gardens throughout Cheshire. To keep you up to date with our latest commissions and information that we feel is relevant we have created this latest news page.

May 2016

Small, Thin Garden, Tarvin

This was a trickly garden to design as everything has to earn it's place. It didn't help that there was a solid pan of rubble under the garden and access was so restricted we could not use wheelbarrows in the garden. Thank you Taylor Wimpey. The design works by turning the design 45 degrees to create a strong line that widens the garden. The colour scheme is restricted to blues/purples that also help enlongate the garden. The artificial turf helps to reduce maintenance as does the slate area - ideal for the dog. The raised sleeper bed adds height and creates privacy around the seating area. The clay coloured fences splash light around the whole garden. The design makes the whole garden seem twice as large and stunning.

January 2016

Windbreak, Chester

We have redesigned a large part of the front and side of the garden to create a windbreak that will provide respite from the winds that whip off the fields attached to the property. A new seating area has been created that sits within scented and colourful borders softened with dreamy grasses. The design creates an element of drama within a very rectangular shaped plot. Pleached hornbeams and viburnums provide height and structure. Photos to come....

January 2016

WildLife Garden, Davenham

This stunning contemporary wildlife garden provides a haven for our clients, birds, pond life and small creatures alike - not to forget Ginger the cat. The driving force behind the design is the creation of habitats that support wildlife. Plants and shrubs from the old garden have been re-used within the new scheme. The design is based on a simple crossing path that provides access to a dining area and pond, seating area and relaxation area. Drystone wall features link the areas together as well as creating homes for insects. Indeed, we have built a bird nesting box, a hedgehog house and a home for solitary bees into the structures. The fireplace provides a wonderful feature for insects to set up home and creates a magnificant focal point within a secluded seating area surrounded by butterfly and bird friendly planting. An avenue of beautiful acers sitting in lavender lined borders seamlessly link into softer, more romantic wild planting. The pavers provide unity from the front garden to the back garden. Planting will be completed in April so watch this space.

January 2016

Small MidTerrace Garden, Tarvin

The plan makes the most of a small terraced garden on a new build estate. The garden feels larger by carefully considering of the lines created by the design and the colours of materials used. The garden has all year interest with artifical turf; a raised sleeper bed;, two seating areas and a water feature. The photographs of the finished garden will be published in a little while. The garden has been built in stages and we are waiting for plants. This build has thrown up all sorts of issues. The developer has created a 6 inch pan of rubble across all the gardens and skimmed with very poor soil. On a clay site this has made drainage on all the gardens a major problem. THEY ALSO CREATED ACCESS TO THE GARDEN THAT ISN'T WIDE ENOUGH FOR EVEN A WHEELBARROW! I sometimes wonder what planners actually do for a living. Never the less, we have created a stunning space albeit with a lot of hard work.

January 2016

Fences, Cheshire

It has beeen a busy year and sadly I have not kept up with my website updates. Here are some of the fencing and smaller projects that we completed in 2015.

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