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This page contains archived blog entries for previous years. Please fell free to browse.

July 2015

Sunken Trampoline, Pickmere

With a slope down the garden and across the garden we had to re-grade the ground around the sunken trampoline. It has been re-seeded with a quick starting lawn seed that will begin to provide a hard wearing lawn in a couple of weeks

July 2015

Family Garden Design, Tarvin

This simple garden design on a new estate supports the whole family. The new patio has been designed for entertaining; the path provides access to the shed and washing line, and a generous terrace runs along the length of the house. The raised bed lifts the plants off the compacted MOT and rubble that the developer has laid underneath the garden. The bed will be fully planted later on. The swing is secured into the ground providing hours of fun.

July 2015

Country Garden Update

We planted these borders late last year so I thought I would give you an update of what they look like in their first season.

July 2015

Japanese Inspired, Oakmere

From grass and standard utility paving to this beautiful Japanese inspired garden. The new sweeping patio is retained by complementary walling that houses a stunning water feature. The new bed is full of colourful plants and shrubs that will eventually grow up to hide the houses behind giving a degree of enclosure. The pebbles provide unity across the whole site and the new irrigation system makes watering a simple task.

April 2015

Front Garden Design, Chester

This front garden completes the full garden design posted last year. The design had to sit within the framework of the existing paths but add kerb appeal to a lifeless front garden. The contemporary design is based on a classical formal garden but with a modern twist. The stunning amalanchier acts as a focal point at the end of one of the gravel paths. The half standard ceanothus in pots create an avenue of colour that leads to the front door. A beautiful stainless steel sculpture sits amongst softening grasses in the central gravel area with lavandula to add colour and scent. New raised beds were created to adress the slopes near the door and a brand new border created below the window.

April 2015

Small Fence, Northwich

Oops - Forgive me it has been a while since I posted! We have been extremely busy over Winter designing exciting gardens to be built this year. The wet weather hasn't helped but getting work in the Caribbean is proving harder than expected. We are half way through a stunning pond - photos to follow and we have almost completed a complete fence makeover. We have also corrected a poorly installed, very large patio. Those cowboys are still circiling the wagons so beware. We installed this little fence earlier this year in the rain. We begged the owner to leave in the lovely old Hawthorne hedge. We even offered to maintain it but sadly they wanted it replaced as it had become too much work for them. More to come and a very Happy Easter.

December 2014

Garden Makeover, Sandbach

We are working with our client in stages to transform the garden into a tropical paradise. The design has a tropical theme to dovetail into the beautiful pergola and is driven by their requirements and their love of grass. The beds have been prepared for planting with colourful herbaceous plants next April. Mowing strips have been added to create sharp lines and three stunning pots planted with hardy palms hide some of the fence. The mulch helps to unify the borders as well as providing more benefits than a dozen oranges.

October 2014

Small Garden Clearance, Alderley Edge

The two beds were cleared and the ivy stripped off the walls. The soil was prepared and improved and re-planted with shrubs. The path was lined with lavander -a perfect position to brush past and spread the fragrance. The beds were then mulched. Simple but elegant.

October 2014

Sunken Trampoline, Sandbach

Another sunken trampoline in Sandbach, Cheshire. We couldn't get a mini digger in so all 17 ton of soild clay was dug out by hand and here is the hole to prove it! The base for the old summer house was removed and will be seeded with grass in the Spring. We had to grade back into the hills around the trees. We finished off in a hail storm. We hope Joe enjoys every minute of it.

October 2014

Natural Pond, Kingsmead

We have redesigned and rebuilt this Japanese garden in Kingsmead following the addition of an extension. We have rebuilt dry stone walls; redesigned and rebuilt the fish pond and installed a new cascade and waterfall. The new patio provides a place to sit and enjoy the sound of the water and new paths wrap around the house providing access. A new filtration system helps to maintain the quality of the water and we even managed to save the last remaining goldfish!

August 2014

Country Garden, Chester

We have almost finished this beautiful country garden in Chester, Cheshire. Contemporary hedges will be added in November. The design for this L-shaped garden defines adult, children and produce areas. Both legs of the L are linked together to create a seamless curved design that draws your eyes to the stunning views that have been framed by the hedges and arches. The mixed border doubles up as a wind break and the limited pallet of colours provides tranquillity with splashes of excitement. The poorly laid existing patios have been extended to provide a dining and relaxation zones surrounded by formal planting. The lawn has been reshaped and we will shortly start to bring it back to being just grass. The contemporary swath of grass provides a narrative with the fields beyond and trees help balance the space. We will update this entry next year as the borders are designed to be Summer borders so most of the plants have finished for this year.

August 2014

Amazing Gardens featured on Jacksons website

Our work has been featured on the Jacksons Fencing website. Our clients were so happy with the work that they submitted it as a customer case study. Check it out on the Jacksons website - Happy on both sides of the fence

June 2014

Sunken Trampoline - Melland School, Stockport

We have installed a sunken trampoline at The Melland School in Gorton. The trampoline will be used by the able bodied students and wheelchair students alike. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the staff at the school and we hope the students enjoy every minute of the trampoline. The trampoline and enclosure are designed to be installed in the ground. 3 ton of bricks came out the hole - once again thank you builders! We have re-graded the area and the soil will be re-seeded with grass during the summer break.

June 2014

Elliptical Patio - Sandiway

We have re-modelled the end of a garden by installing an Indian Stone elliptical patio edged in Indian Stone cobbles together with a mixed border of shrubs and stunning herbaceous plants. The area will be seeded with wild flowers in Autumn to create an intimate, romantic space. A perfect place to relax at the end of the day.

June 2014

Block Drive Extension

Sadly the storms took down two beautiful yew trees that used to form a bed at our clients property in Nether Alderely. We were selected to replace the bed by extending the existing block drive. The falls between the two drives were very different as was the height. We took out the massive concrete block and extended the granite cobble retaining edge to tie the new drive back into the old. We created a new edge and infilled with Tegula blocks. We battled the rain throughout. The result is a great compromise and makes the space a useable area.

June 2014

Tongue & Grove Panel Fence

We have replaced an old, sad Wayneylap fence with a stunning Jacksons Tongue & Grove panel fence complete with trellis for clients in Sandbach.

May 2014

New Chilham Panel Fence

We have installed a new Jacksons Chilham panel fence for clients in Maccelsfield. The fence replaces an old conifer hedge. This panel is unique in that both faces are equally good looking - a bit like the installers! Thanks to Nick & Ivan for all their hard work.

May 2014

New Build Garden Design - Oakmere

We have transformed this new garden from a muddy mess into a stunning outdoor space with clean lines, a new lawn and generous borders that will enhance and borrow the stunning views beyond. The deign brief was to create a simple space with large patios to enhance the views and support a shed. The fall has been significantly reduced and the garden elvelled across the space. There is an integrity in using grey concrete paving slabs. The terrace and patio are designed for ample seating and the house return is now a useful space. The paths at the front of the house have been extended to allow easy access from the drive. We will plant up the borders very shortly ...updated pictures to come Phase 2 will include a full irrigation system and lighting scheme.

May 2014

Terraced Garden Design & Sunken Trampoline

Phase 1 of the terraced garden is now complete albeit there is still work to be done. The garden has been terraced by installing a retaining wall. The area has been levelled and a raised sleeper bed installed. The trampoline has been sunk for safety and the whole area covered in artifical turf. Once the patio, decking, capping stones and planting have been completed this will be a stunning child friendly garden.

April 2014

Garden Maintenance

Just a couple examples of hedges that we prune for our clients. All hedges need a batter (a slight slope inwards towards the top) to allow light and rainwater to get to the bottom of the hedge. If you cut them vertically the bottom will be in shade and will die creating naked legs! We have improved both hedges but the damage on the conifer hedge had sadly already been done. PLEASE PLEASE remember that birds are nesting at the moment. We check for nests, or signs of nests before cutting. If there are any signs of nesting birds leave it until Autumn. Birds have rights too!!

March 2014

Family Garden - Hartford

The garden is complete and the strong lines make it seem larger. This is a garden where most of the work will never be seen. We have removed the fall across the garden and addressed the drainage issues on this 100m thick clay. We lost a couple of days due to bad weather and because the wet soil couldn't be walked on. The garden matches the client brief and although not at the cutting edge of garden design, is exactly what our clients wanted - a large grass area for the children to play on. The two patios are linked by a simple path and the shrubs will add a little colour. We have instructed our clients on pruning the shrubs so hopefully they will begin to look more natural. The cold weather will start to break down the clay soil in the raised bed ready for planting in Spring.

February 2014

Dry Stone Wall - Kingsmead Phase 1

We have completed Phase 1 of the garden re-design. The rustic dry stone wall has been created to allow the builder to build the new extension. After it is built we will return to extend the koi pond and create a new cascade. A new flagstone and gravel path will be laid around the extension for access.... more to come

December 2013

Cottage Flower Bed Prep - Delamere Park

We have cleared and prepared a very large bed for a cottage garden inspired planting scheme that we will plant next year. I know it's not glamorous but it is a vital job that has to be done properly - especially when the bed is full of bracken, bindweed and nettles! A lovely Xmas present to our client from her daughters.

December 2013

Country Garden - Moulton

The first phase is complete. New gates and fences from Jacksons Fencing have been installed down the side return; the patio has been tidied up; the beds re-instated and a stunning slate parterre created at the front of the house. The Amalanchier will eventually grow into a small tree and will be covered in white flowers in early Spring.

November 2013

Contemporary Garden - Knutsford

The first phase of the build is complete. The ground was levelled, the rubble removed and the retaining walls installed. 120sqm of marble have been laid in a grid pattern to create a path around the house, a generous patio that will be zoned between a dining area and chill out area, and a stunning step complete with lights. The children's play area defined and the trampoline has been sunk into the ground for safety. In April we will complete the planting and seed the lawns. We have battled the weather throughout this build but it looks fantastic.

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