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    The garden design brief was to create a garden with a large lawn and all year interest. Incorporating the hill into the garden design was a also a must.

    Colourful low maintenance shrubs create areas of dense planting that will eventually block the view down the garden creating a sense of mystery. The semi-circular Indian stone patio provides a dynamic entrance and a great place to dine. Grape vines will soften the harshness of the house. The slate paths provide movement winding past informal lavander hedges that tie the borders together. The top path winds towards a late evening, circular deck through borders of vibrant crocosmia and daffodils - an area reclaimed by removing and re-shaping the hill. The hill has been planted with a prarie inspired planting scheme with drifts of grasses and achellia. The plants were carefully selected to cope with the harsh conditions on the hill. The existing tree is now a focal point in the garden together with the old chimney perfect for chilling wine in.

    The front garden is simple, evergreen and elegant. The lawn has been re-shaped and partierres created with formal box hedges.