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Decking in soft wood, hardwood or recycled material as a path or as a seating area can look stunning if built correctly. Below are examples of our work.

Examples of our work

Circular Deck

The circular deck diguises a change in level and reclaims a large proportion of the hill that was lost. Ideal for late day sun relaxing

Large Deck

45 Degree

The deck ws laid at a 45 degree angle to create the illusion of space. The deck has been framed to create a finished look.

Small deck

Small Deck

Decks do not have to be large. This small deck creates a pathway to the rest of the garden.Once again it has been framed.

Decking Patio

Patio Deck

The deck has been laid at ground level to create a stunning patio.

Deck Box Seat

Decking Cube

The offcuts from the deck were used to create a decking cube and planters. The cubes double up as contemporary seats.



There are many styles of beautiful balustrades. These traditional balustrades were used to create a barrier to the rest of the garden.

Deck Steps

Decking Steps

The steps lead to the first level of deck proportioned to act as a seating area. The second and third steps lead into the garden.

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