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Structures & Features

Our gardens are full of features, structures and focal points. Some are in your face and others receed into the background. Below are a couple of examples that we have built.

Examples of our work

Cedar Screen

This contemporary cedar screen creates a horizontal line against which viburnum tinus add strong verticals. It will weather to grey over time.

Brick raised bed


Trellis can be used in many ways. In this case as a frame for the Wisteria and as screen to block out next door.

Dry Stone Wall

Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great place to sit and chill whether free standing or built in as this one is.

Sleeper Bed

Oak Sleeper Seat

This bespoke oak sleeper seat is attached to a BBQ. We built it from green oak that was sanded and mounted on brick columns.

6x2 Tanalised Timber


The cube pergola in this modern garden balances the height of the tree and creates a late day sun seating area while casting stunning shadows.

Vegetable Beds


A contemporary grid bridge provides a unique view of the ferns planted in the gully below.

Sleeper Beds

Tree Seat

The tree seat was created for the teachers to sit and read books to the children. It also makes the holly a focal point in the garden.

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