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We are Jackson's Fencing Expert installers and recommended fitters for Marthall's Tree Products. We have created and installed all types of fencing and trellis. Below are a couple of examples.

Examples of our work

Bespoke Metal Fence

This complicated iron fence was designed to our client's description and erected around a new slate drive. It falls in all directions.

Large Deck

Complicated Fence

This complicated fence was installed on top of a wobbly wall but is independent of the wall. It provides privacy from a busy street and wraps around the whole garden.

Small deck

Long Fence

This fence comprises over 40 panels and the strong verticals contrast perfectly with the planting down the path.

Decking Patio

Bespoke Dwarf Fence

We built this small dwarf fence to retain the gravel garden. It is double sided and uses a mixture of widths to create interest.

Deck Box Seat

Three Bar Fence & Gates

We installed hundreds of metres of three bar fence to partition the fields into paddocks. We created two 9ft gates and a new road for access.


Wayney Lap Fence

We replaced a tired old wall with a new fence and gate which adds unity to the garden. We used concrete posts and gravel boards.

Deck Steps

Sloping Fence

This three foot fence falls at regular intervals from top to bottom. It acts as a perfect boundary marker without imposing on the space.

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