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Hedges are a very important part of any garden design whether contemporary or traditional. They create strong lines and add structure to a garden.

Examples of our work


The hedge is used to define the space and to create an evergreen barrier that retains a much softer planting scheme.

Large Deck


Instead of a wall the box hedge was used to create a barrier between the different areas in the garden.

Small deck


The hedge extends the partierre around the fountain and creates a classic look.

Decking Patio

Pleached Hedge

The pleached hedge creates a 'floating hedge' with strong vertical lines. In this case Hornbeams were used..

Deck Box Seat

Yew Hedge

A yew hedge has been planted in a circle to create a dark evergreen backdrop for the wild flower meadow. It will also add height..



A Pyracanthus hedge was planted at the bottom of the garden to provide a secure barrier. against access from the fields beyond.

Deck Steps

Native Hedge

A native hedge has been planted to replace the fence. A mix of Holly, Hornbeam, Rosa ruga, and Cornus sanguinea provide all year interest..

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