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    As a garden designer in Cheshire I felt that this corner garden in Davenham lacked definition and structure and was difficult to navigate around after the completion of a large extension. The garden design is a contemporary garden design set at 45 degress to the house and echoes the contemporary style of my clients. This makes the garden seem larger than it is by creating very strong lines. This is reinforced by the use of a grid pattern for the patios. A large raised bed is used to create vertical interest and defines an enclosed chill out area complete with a fire pit. Rattan furniture settees will be set into the bed to provide an intimate relationship with the plants. The existing holly is now a focal point within the space. The patio provides a transition into the garden which includes a large artifical lawn. A 'cube' pergola was constructed to balance the heights in the garden and to provide an area to enjoy the late day sun.

    The planting scheme is designed to provide all year interest and is a mixed border of shrubs, perennials and grasses planted in a relaxed style. The area was opened up by removing a large over grown tree and unity is created by limiting the materials and colours used. The slate paths and slate areas provide a contemporary feel and access to the outbuildings..