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Large Organic Shaped Garden Design


    Garden Design


    This large organically shaped garden design in Sandbach was a field. We installed the fence a couple of years ago and have now created an informal organically shaped design that creates a green buffer between our clients and the new houses being built. The lawn follows strong organic lines creating movement through the space. Borders planted in a natural, loose style of planting contrasts against the box hedging that will further enhance the lines and create a visual link between the different areas. The lawn ends in a small circular orchard enclosed by yew hedging and a stunning wild flower meadow to attract bees and butterflys.

    Phase 1 includes a series of rooms that entice you through the space ending at a Summer House, (to be dded shortly), that provides a beautiful view across the garden. To add height and privacy six Betula Fascination and a Betula utilis Jacquemontii have been planted to act as focal points along the winding gravel path. The walk starts with a prairie inspired planting scheme. The planting drifts into blocks of colour provided by stunning crocosmia and verbena planted in bold drifts around the water feature area. The planting scheme around the summer house is a subtle blend of green and whites. The area around the fire pit has been planted with shrubs to add structure and will eventually add seclusion.