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Amazing Gardens & Landscapes create patios using many different materials. We guarantee that every patio is constructed to the highest of standards. Below are examples of our work.

Examples of our work

Indian Stone Patio mixed with Cobbles

We are experts at laying Indian Stone. This patio mixes Indian stone, Indian Stone cobbles and traditional cobbles in a random pattern.

Granite Patio

Contemporary Granite Patio

The organically shaped patio area was constructed in granite at 45 degrees to the houes to create the illusion that the garden is wider.

Indian Stone Patio

Semi Circular Patio

Indian stone has been cut in a semi circle and framed with cobbles to seperate the path from the patio.

Grey Paving Slab Patio

Reclaimed Grey Concrete Paving Slabs

The original patio was poorly laid so we relaid and extended it. We also created a new flight of steps down into the garden.

Black Indian Stone Patio

Raised Patio

Black stone echoes the tiles used in the rest of the house in this stylish oak sleeper raised patio.

Grid Pattern

Contemporary Grid Patio

A grid pattern has been used to wrap the patio around the house creating strong lines that link the patio in both directions.

Raised Patio

Circular Patio

This circular patio was created from Indian Stone by carefully cutting it into a circle but designing it so that there are no small gaps at the edge.

If a patio is to last it must be constructed properly. We are often asked to 'fix' patios. The cost to fix a patio is only slightly less than the cost to lay it correctly in the first place.

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