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Water Features & Ponds

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water in a garden. It adds movement, bounces light around the space and creates stunning reflections. We have installed and created many water features as standalone landscaping projects and as integral parts of a design. Some examples are shown below.

Examples of our work

Contemporary Water Blade

We installed this contemporary water blade into a raised bed to provide sound and movement.


Classical Fountain Water Feature

We created this fountain as a focal point at the front of a farm cottage. The box hedge creates an evergreen barrier sitting on a brand new lawn.

Raised Pond

Raised Pond

This elegant pond was created from sleepers and supports a small shoal of fish. The planting aerates the water and provides colour.

Solar Millstone

Millstone Water Feature

This simple self contained millstone is powered by a solar pump. The pebbles create an informal feel to the installation.

Slate Obelisk

Slate Obelisk Water Feature

This stylish slate obelisk creates gentle noise and movement next to the contemporary patio. The water is lit up at night to create a focal point.



We constructed this small pond from a rubber liner and used four different sizes of pebbles and gravel to create a natural look.

Stainless Water Feature

Stainless Steel Water Feature

This stainless steel water feature complements the contemporary design. Colourful uplighters make it a stunning feature at night.

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