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Raised Beds

Raised beds come in all shapes and sizes. They have become very popular for growing vegetables but are still a great way to add height and colour into a design. We have created raised beds out of many materials and at many heights. Below are examples of our work.

Examples of our work

Chill Out Area

Rattan settees fit within the beds to allow closer proximity to the fragrant plants. The bed can also be used as seating.

Brick raised bed

Brick Raised Bed

Engineering bricks have been used to create a raised bed for a mature olive tree. Indian Stone has been cut to fit as capping stones.

Dry Stone Wall

Dry Stone Wall

The dry stone wall starts at ground level and rises to act as occassional seating. The wall fits perfectly into this wooland surroundings.

Sleeper Bed

Sleeper Bed

Sleeper beds can be used as retaining walls as well as being a perfect place to add colour.

6x2 Tanalised Timber

Tanalised Timber

This simple bed was created using reclaimed tanalised timber. Simple but effective.

Vegetable Beds

Vegetable Beds

These sleeper beds were constructed with tanalised timber as part of a school garden project.

Sleeper Beds

Oak Sleeper Bed

Oak sleepers last a very long time and look stunning. This bed was created for a shady garden and planted with low maintenance shrubs.

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