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Sunken Garden Design


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    This sunken garden design near Chester used to be an old swimming pool at the top of a wooded garden. It had been used as a compost heap for years until it was transformed into a stylish chill out area complete with fire pit. The garden design completes the flows around the garden and creates more of a journey through the wooded area. The concrete walls have been clad in oak sleepers to create a modern feel. The oak seats appear to float creating space for logs underneath.

    The sunken element of the garden design together with the tall grasses affords my clients privacy and helps to retain any noise! The light Indian stone floor and paths provide unity as they twist through the space. The paths are broken up with Indian cobbles to add texture. New steps allow access to the sunken area and to the rest of the garden. Elegant grasses and Echinacea mingle with shrubs and broad leafed plants to provide contrast and interest. Woodland plants are drifted throughout to create a narrative with the wooded area.